Mister Onion

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Detailed Image is HERE

This is the study of the onion that I did a couple of weeks ago preparing for one of my Old Masters Style Still Life paintings. The challenge was that I had at least three sources of light and had to capture the highlight to present a round shape of this vegetable. I chose the strongest highlight and stuck to it. The other challenge (that probably brought me the most fun) that the surface was not a paper, but Aquabord, the rough surface of which requires a lot of skill to place the wash in one setting and then go with the damp brush and try not to lift the fist layer.
Original Artwork is 6″x6″ on Aquabord by Ampersand painted with St. Petersburg Watercolor

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

14 thoughts on “Mister Onion

  1. Thank you Shubhankar, although I probably would not call the subject unique, yet the pattern of the Onion's peel like a human finger prints is most likely unique :0)

  2. Hi, Irina,
    Lovely work. You're very good at still life and a detailed painting. I hope you'll have a wonderful productive week!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. Thank you Sadami,
    Still life paintings are my favorite since the early years.
    In cold St.Petersburg during the winter we only had chance to stay indoors and paint still life.
    Have a great one!

  4. Hello Irina:) Again another great painting. So many details, love it!
    Is your aquaboard that white or did you give it a whitewash? I love to paint on it! Great art!

  5. Irina, this is very lovely! Almost like an oil painting in classical style…

    I just saw on CWA's facebook page that Art Walk Livermore is calling artists for applications. It's one day, Saturday Oct. 13th. I want to exhibit there but I've never done an art fair before. I was wondering whether you are interested in doing it. Artists are allowed to share one booth so if you want, we can do that, but if you have lots of artwork and want to have your own booth, I would understand. Just thought I'd ask…

  6. Thank you Arena, you are not a first person telling me that my paintings sometimes look like oil paintings. Oh well, it is my pride but as well is my curse ( I am on my way to paint loose though). But for now maybe one day I'll create a DVD “How to Paint in Watercolor better than in Oil” :0)

    Thank you for the offer to join ArtWalk Livermore, but I am preparing for a solo exhibition in Martinez Downtown at the end of October and need to supply more than 20 paintings there. Tough but exiting job!

    Talk to you soon,

  7. Dear Sharon,
    I will definitely post the completed Old Style still life paintings as soon as I finish them. There will be two for now. One is almost done, and another one is missing Onion, Lemon, and Ginger.. the background is completed :0)

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