Winnie-The-Pooh – illustrate a book – Workshop

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Detailed Images are in Art for Kids Gallery
The work week was quite busy for me. Between the preparation for Tao House Art Show, attending CWA meeting and working in a Concord Gallery I also had a workshop in Martinez Library on Tuesday. 
This time I taught kids how to apply watercolor wet-on-wet (we played with the Winnie’s head for that), dry-on-dry ( his honey pot and a tree were just asking be painted that way), and we even learned what is the difference to paint free-hand vs following the given lines. 
It is amazing how the kids can absorb the information. Quick and easy! One little boy loved wet-on-wet technique so much that he painted entire second piece of art all over using not only all area of the painting but also mixing all available colors from his palette. 
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Be a judge, see the art report below:
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

6 thoughts on “Winnie-The-Pooh – illustrate a book – Workshop

  1. Hello Irina!Throughout the world children love Winnie-The-Pooh! Such is the love Winnie… when they become parents try to do it soon also love their kids! (It happened to my daughter and my son in law!) These pictures and the works of children are a joy for the eyes!

  2. Thank you Rita,
    I love making art for kids and with kids. They are truly great appreciators and extremely serious about their art. They love painting and they always ask questions. I love the one question they tend to ask at the very end: Can I take this home? :0) and I say of course you do, you even can place it into the frame and proudly hang as you are a great Artist!

  3. Hello Irina:) This is so nice of you! Teach children how to paint with this lovely Winnie the Pooh. And what a great results! You can see that they had fun. Maybe you made a new master:) I'm sure they had a great day!
    I'm sorry for my late reaction. Your post was the last I red but I couldn't comment it anymore.

  4. Dear Renate,
    No post is the late post! I am receiving a great comments for some posts that I've made many months ago. And I love it. Any comment is greatly appreciated even sometimes I don't have much time to answer it.
    I do love making my Art For Kids series. I have so many great ideas in my head; and, now it is time to start kicking :0).
    Thanks so much for your inspiring comment!

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