Crockett, California – St.Rose Of Lima Church Grotto

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A beautiful Grotto of St.Rose Lima Church in a small town of Crockett, California. I came here today for my  Plein Air paintings. This town is a small hidden place right next to couple of bridges that connect East Bay with the North. 
My colleges from CWA met at 10 am; and, after finding a spot to paint,  we were supposed to paint until 1:00 pm. The heat was rising. At 10:30am it was already 102 F degrees. How did I survive? I am not sure; though, I did pray to be able to finish the painting and I think I was heard. 
And, by the end of the day I have developed a new watercolor technique: not wet-on-wet, not dry-on-dry, not even wet-on-dry or opposite. I would call this technique – A Very Very Dry- On A Super Hot and Dry :0).. The moisture was evaporating before I could touch the paper with the brush.. Yeah.. Summers in California are not created for 3 hour plein-air paintings :0). But who doesn’t like a challenge: today I’ve confirmed one more time: I do :0)
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In Every Piece Of My Art
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  1. This is a beautiful painting! I live across the street from the church and your painting has really made me appreciate the church even more. 🙂

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