Apricot Trio

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For Detailed Image Click Here
For Detailed Image Click Here
I usually start painting with the background; but this time I started with the main subject. First, I’ve painted the apricot branch and then filled the back area with the garden. I took pictures of both; and, it s hard to tell which version is better. The apricot painting with the white background looks more as a botanical study, isn’t it.. The top one with the apricots in the garden looks more as the Summer Landscape with the branch fragment where the artists, during a nice walk in the garden, looked up and saw a beautiful trio hanging on the tree and posing for a painting :0)
The apricots with the white background have more story to tell, but I will reveal it in a couple of weeks or so. Stay tuned :0)
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7 thoughts on “Apricot Trio

  1. I am so impressed by the detail, the white fuzz on the apricots. the beautiful leaves with sunlight on them. I just went out and shot photos of my peaches on the tree out back…but I'll need years of practice to get this good. Years!

  2. Oh Gosh Lynn, you just made my day: the fuzz on the apricots was my favorite thing to do. I scraped it with the tiny razor..Thank God a good watercolor paper allows you to do it :0)
    Thank you for the comment!

  3. This is so interesting! I usually paint the background first too! And I've since found out that's not how most artists work… 😛

    The Apricots are lovely by themselves, but the added wet in wet background provides unity and context to it, and evokes the sense of a lush summer garden. Well done! 🙂

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