Mama Mia! So Many Roofs! Siena, Italy

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The history of this painting goes back to the last year when I was preparing for the Sketchbook Project – Travel With Me. The sketch will soon end up in NY Library after it travels in the different countries. 
When I was painting a larger format it took quite a while even the overall tone of the painting is pretty much the same and contains primarily Ochre and Burnt Sienna (Note the town that is painted is called Siena). I couldn’t understand what took so long to paint; and at the end I finally got it. The painting contains 17 roofs (big and small, close and far)! I guess, it does take time not only to build the roof, but as well to painted it. :0) 
To make the painting more “alive” I’ve added birds, some flowers on the back, geranium on the window sand hanging outside laundry. I thought this will give nice people presence in this old rustic town.
23″x17″ Watercolor Painting on 140lb Cold Pressed Paper
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

9 thoughts on “Mama Mia! So Many Roofs! Siena, Italy

  1. Hi, Irina!!! I LOVE ALL of your paintings! My favorites (of course) are the ones of your tomatoes! My second favorite are the ones of Italy. My grandmother was from Italy and my mother was born in Napoli. I hope to get there one day to meet all of my cousins, aunts and uncles face-to-face. Your work is inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you Ea, I do love the birds view point of this composition. It is inviting with the “gate” of two buildings and the Church is a center piece.


  3. Thank you My Dear Diva Gardener, the good part about tomatoes, they were all from our garden. As I mentioned before, my hubby's job in the garden to plant and mine is to pick and paint :0)
    I also would love to go one day to Italy. The trip is definitely in near future. When I grew up in Russia, I've learned in my art history class that many artists of 17-18th century went to study painting to Italy.
    Thanks so much for your warm comment!

  4. Thank you June, when I was painting this piece I was thinking of great old towns in Europe and Great Britain that have history of more than several centuries. I was raised in the city that turned 300 years back in 2003 and it was considered the young city. By the way, Saint Petersburg, Russia is often compared to Venice, Italy.

  5. Great job, I feel transported even if for only a little bit. I tend to get a street view I rarely get much that shows roofs. That said I can't wait for the urban sketchers symposium. It'll be a lot of work to get there but ill learn a lot. Regardless this Will be a great challenge for now to prepare. (roofs/overhead angles)

    Thank you again,

  6. Thank you Benjamin, I am a true believer that the paintings we look at come to us at the right time.
    Good luck to you on the urban sketchers symposium.

  7. this is so delicous I want to eat it. LOL so well done!!!! love the flowers, laundry, birds, shadows, roof tiles, etc. Wow!

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