Lemons And A Playground

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Painting in pastels is not easy for the watercolor artist like me. The dry medium tries to jump off the paper; and God forbid you sneeze or say “Ahhh”.. forget about the last layer you worked on so hard ;)..
These two artworks are painted (yes, yes, they say PAINT) in pastels. And as much as I love watercolor, I have to admit I liked the outcome of these two (really want to say DRAWINGS).
I was really nervous about lemon skin though. In watercolor I would just dab the brush slightly with complimenting color and take out some dots with a dump pointy brush. Here, I had to make lots of pastel dots. It sounded as I am knocking the door (if somebody watches The Big Bang Theory.. it was like thousands of Sheldons .. never mind :0)…and the bad part: the dots did not want to stay! Thank God for a good advise from the teacher to fix the layers; otherwise, I could never make this post happen. 
Tomorrow I will place my last pastel that I’ve painted this semester in class. It is truly The Final.
16″x22″ pastel paintings with Rembrandt pastel on tinted 80lb Pastel Paper
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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  1. Hello Irina:) As a watercolorist I must say that the colors of the pastels are very bright. You did a great job on them, both!

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