Never Late To Practice

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If somebody told me twenty years ago that when I turn 40+ I will paint balls and cylinders again, oy, I’d laugh very hard. Yet here I am, taking a drawing class for my degree. And the best part that I enjoy it. When teacher said we’ll do simple still lives, one per 3 hour class, I couldn’t believe its possible. My academic experience from Russian art schools told me it is impossible as we mostly painted in pencil (graphite) with very fine applications. Here we were supposed to use charcoal, sanquine, and white crayons on a tinted  and very fine paper. These materials helped to speed up the process. It was not too easy to block out of watercolor-mind and use dry techniques. But it was fun.
I thought I will share some of non-watercolor art that I’ve done in the class this semester while I am working on one pretty urgent commission painting (not yet to be disclosed).
And by the end of the week you can see my masterpiece with pastels. Gosh! I have not used pastels literally 20+ years! You will be the judge :0)
Each Drawing is on 18″x24″, Tinted 80lb Pastel Paper with charcoal, sanquine, and white crayons. 
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

4 thoughts on “Never Late To Practice

  1. I like your studies of form very much and am impressed to hear you have taken up a degree course. (It is something I would like to do but don't have the guts / money).

    It looks like hard work but fun.

  2. Hi Bella,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I agree, it is hard to study when your get older; and, I have not idea why. Either it is brain cells, or just seeing 17-18 y.o. student in your class.. ;0)
    Money wise, I did start small. I started taking art classes since 2004,just one class per semester. Now I am mostly nailing down my GE.

  3. You sound happy and excited, Irina. It's so stimulating to get back into university. You seem to appreciate it a lot more as an “older” student. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Yeah. Today was my Final and I got A+, yey!! :0).. I just need to take pix of all the art to see which to post.. It is great to practice. I can't agree more. And it really doesn't matter what medium as long as you put your hear in the art :0)
    Thank you,

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