Sneak Peek at My Studio

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My Palette. Only when picture was done I have realized that the palette has a virtual flower on it  It just happened :0)
The Artist at work..

My Book Shelf 
Art Supplies
Entry to My Studio

My Inspirational Notes

Magazines and One of my Art Books
My Working Desk

On My Desk. Pardon the clutter. Sometimes it’s even worse!

Next to My Studio

One of the Creative Shop owners asked me to show around my studio. She interviewed me for the future article. And I thought to share the pictures and the interview here. I personally always love to learn how other artists work and how they organize their space.

Here is the short interview:

How does your studio reflect your style?
My style is Contemporary Realism and luckily my studio is real,
spacious, and light.
What is the favorite part of your studio?
I have two favorite parts in my studio. One is my desk where dreams come
true; and another one is the fireplace where I can dream.

pieces in your studio inspire you?
My Art, my calendar with the tasks to do, and my inspirational notes.

Do you
have any handmade or vintage decor pieces?
Maybe not so vintage; but, yes, I do have handmade pieces: the wooden sign
“Studi:0)” that my husband made; the jewelry holder, the dummy for my knitted scarves, boxes, stands, just name it!

What is the
favorite color palette and how did you implement this in your space?
(wallcolor, artwork, items etc)
As I love painting flowers, my favorite colors are All-Flowers’ Colors.
As my studio is made of white and light-wood furniture, the paintings that I
place in it make it shine.

What is
the one tool used in your creation process you treasure the most?
My brush, specifically Kolinsky Watercolor Brush. It never fails!

What are
the books or magazines that inspire you?
Watercolor and Watercolor Artist magazines as well as the Art Techniques
books together with the Splash series of watercolor paintings from different

changes/upgrades would you like to make in the future?
Oh, it’s the right time to ask! Just last week my husband and I were talking
about the renovation. We are going to place special bar with extra lights on
the ceiling, replace the industrial rag with Italian tiles, and create flat
horizontal slots for a larger paper supplies and for paintings.
Please include the link to your shop, blog,
twitter and facebook.
With my pleasure! Prepare the long sheet of paper and a pencil :0), here you go:
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at My Studio

  1. Hi Liana,
    Picture “On My Desk..” is showing the fireplace. It is right behind one unfinished painting with cityscape. Besides, it's 95 degrees here in California, fireplace is resting now :0)

  2. Hello Irina:) You must be very pleased with such a beautiful Studio with daylight coming from all sites. Nice interview!

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