Escape Sea and Landscape

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It is always nice to relax after a commission painting and paint something out of unconscious. The imaginary landscapes and seascapes help. But not so imaginary though. Every artist has some kind of memory bank; and when it comes to the painting the visual experience and the mood pop-up. I did not think about this while painting; but, when I looked at these two small watercolors I tried guess where they came from. 
The top one looked to me very similar to Tenerife Island that I’ve visited back in 1998. And the bottom one, a calm evening on at the bay, came I believe from my memory about a Finland Bay near Saint Petersburg, Russia where I grew up. I painted these two small 5″x7″ on one larger sheet of paper at the same time. And as you see the both of them have very different mood representation: the dramatic sky above the mountains is ready to burst into the rain, yet the soothing evening on a bay and a sailboat deliver a peaceful feeling.
Wiinsor&Newton Watercolors on 140lb Cold Pressed paper  
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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