Drawing is The Key

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As we say “The Drawing Is The Key”; and it is absolute true. Drawing usually helps to analyze values and composition. It is extremely helpful to draw a little sketch before going watercolor. In my case I have almost a year between the drawing creations and watercolor paintings. And it happened in reverse. First I made watercolors (and I did make sketches before of course); however, when the need came to create new compositions, my watercolors helped me to choose the subject.

One assignment was given at the beginning of my Drawing Class this semester. I was asked to combine three spheres with line style hands and Nature. My watercolor “Lake Tahoe” helped me to fulfill the requirement. The still water of Lake Tahoe, the polished rocks and crisp winter air was the best choice when I created the drawing “Meditation”.
Another drawing that I named “Jewels of Love” was set up for shallow space realistic still life. And this time I used one shell from my shell collection watercolor paintings. The idea was to research the textures of different materials such metal, organic leafy object, glass, water, and sea shell. It was fun to remind myself again that the drawing is the most important part of any realistic painting if not all paintings in whole.
22×16 inch Graphite Drawings on Paper; 5×7 inch Watercolor Painting (shell), 18×16 inch fragment of Watercolor Painting (Lake Tahoe)

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

6 thoughts on “Drawing is The Key

  1. Thank you Ann, Katherine, and Lynn!
    Yes, the drawing is important as well as composition. It is interesting to admit that the water drops were the last edition. And only because I thought my still life was kind of “falling apart” so I decided to add water drops along the way to “stitch” the composition.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  2. Your drawings as beautiful as your paintings but in a different way. So lovely to see your artwork dear Irina. Happy Easter dear one! xx

  3. Your drawings are beautiful and so very good! I am so focused in on painting that drawing becomes “second” for me . . . more of a map for the painting. I'm so glad that you have emphasized the importance of drawing by sharing them! Bravo!

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