San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge – Two Love Birds

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San Francisco was always a very interesting subject for me to paint. And lately I’ve got an opportunity to express my admiration of the Bay Area to the paper. My client asked me to paint a piece for her wedding anniversary from the picture where she and her husband had a wonderful time playing in the city and resting at the beach by Golden Gate Bridge. I fell in love with the idea immediately as it was a great romance there. Although the original photo was a little bit on a grey scale, therefore I felt it would be great to add a few shades of the blue, fading pink and yellow to the sky and a little burned sienna to the hills. When I’ve researched the picture before painting, I’ve noticed how so Red Golden Gate Bridge is not any red when you look at it from the distance. Besides, it is almost grayish pink at the far end. That what Miss Perspective does to the colors.


There were a few people fishing on the wave-breakers. I eliminated them giving my couple some privacy. Instead, I’ve placed two tiny egrets on the rocks (the sub name of the painting is Two Love Birds)… A few English Daisies on the front added a little romantic mood (there was a dead grass on the picture that did not feel right for the idea of the anniversary gift).


My client loved the painting, but she didn’t want to frame it. She loved it on a wall unframed. I’ve got a cradle board and mounted painting on it; and I’ve painted the sides with white acrylic to give a completed look. Using Watercolor Fixative will protect the painting from the moisture and I hope the painting will last to the family to at least their 75 wedding anniversary and beyond  J


Winsor & Newton Watercolor on Arches Paper, 16”x 20” , cradle board




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