Art Show – Feedback and Highlights

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The day of the Art Show was fabulous: great weather, lots of music, tons of smiles and wonderful feeling of friendliness and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of work to put in to have this happen: cutting, printing, painting.. And it paid off. I love the day even I was extremely tired after the show.
I’ve prepared a lot of handmade watercolor cards for the show. They are inexpensive and people could take home a small piece of affordable art if they did not want to spend money on the originals.
I’ve also made a few 8″x10″ matted prints of my art work. And in addition I’ve brought the jewelry that I’ve made long time ago (this jewelry is from my Etsy Online Shop )
There were so many people at the show that I’ve barely had time to chat with my fellow artists. Everyone was very friendly and we shared the great deal of personal experience.
My walk-in clients loved buying prints and card. Yet I’ve noticed that original art was not in such demand. Even miniature ACEOs were not what the public wanted that day. And it was not only my experience; some artists also noticed that.
But what I really liked that people loved to come to my stand and hearing my accent, asking where I came from; they started telling the stories of their lives ( their ethnical background, immigration stories about their relatives, their experiences in different countries of the World. It was like opening the new book every time interested customer stopped by.
My fellow Artist Nancy ( Accessory Extraordinaire) had a blast selling her new cute creations.
I’ve noticed that people loved my Iris paintings a lot; some bought cards and others purchased prints.
And also Art Show can become a very educational process not only for me (on what people like and what they dont’ notice for example); but as well for people. Two cute girls came with their mom and I gave them a test on the names of the flowers that I’ve painted. They were just started painting with watercolors. And they were very happy to get my Iris watercolor cards and hear the story about how it was created. And the educational process can surely go from 8 to 92. I’ve met one nice not so old ( maybe late 80s) lady who started painting with watercolors 2 years ago. She was very interested in duplicating one of my images. I took her daughters e-mail address and later on sent them an image and a photo reference with the recommendations on how to start the painting.
This Art Show was priceless experience for me. There were a lot of lessons that I’ve learned personally and I am glad I’ve had a very productive time.
(Photos provided by The Best Photographer in The World, by Masha Batkova (my sister)

13 thoughts on “Art Show – Feedback and Highlights

  1. Irina, I'm glad we shared a space at this show 🙂 You're as much fun as you are a great artist!! You should keep doing shows because your paintings and jewelry will sell. Thank you so much for posting a link to my Etsy shop where I sell my versatile shoe, scarf, etc. accessory.

  2. Dear Irina, How wonderful to see photos of your art show and to actually see YOU!
    You are so young and so beautiful!!
    Good Luck with everything you do dear.
    June xx

    PS If you ever get time to look out those old family photos you have I would love it! x

  3. Thank you Nancy,
    we artists really should to show our work; if not us, who will? 🙂
    Online presence is great, but the show gives it personal touch. Although it is exhausting; not what I would do every day 😉
    Painting? Yes! Standing on the 90 degrees heat for 9 hours? Probably not!
    Have a great day!

  4. June! I agree, shows show us not only the artist's work but the Artists themselves 🙂
    I can only hope that my art work is reflective what I really want to deliver to the peoples mind when I paint. If somebody will have a slight smile or one gentle thought or get inspired to paint that along will make me very happy Artist 🙂
    Thank you,

  5. Congratulations, Irina and thank you so much for sharing. Wow, your booth is quite impressive and one can see that it was indeed a lot of work. Your sister did take great photos, I like the angles and close ups. She showcased your work beautifully.

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