I thought I will share the interview answers that I’ve recently gave to Art at Groby Community College. I love to read interviews with other artists and thought it might be interesting to share a little information. You are next ! 🙂

( Original questions are prepared by Carys Sheen from Art at Groby Community College, England)

– What’s your background?

My background is quite diverse, both with studying and jobs I have had. Besides working as an artist, I used to work for a travel company an insurance company, and have held jobs as a marketing manager, accountant, and pricing analyst. But if to focus on my art endeavors, I can say that I’ve received a great education in several art schools in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and I had an opportunity to work as a licensed artist and sell my art through the galleries of this one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

– What started you off in your career?

Quite frankly, I don’t remember when I’ve decided to be an artist; I always knew I would be one. A lot of people can say it was a childhood dream. I definitely can relate to that. But I also would add that as a kid I always knew I would be the artist, the knowledge was inside me. Throughout life, my path turned so many times, and I am happy that now I am getting back to my dreams. With the support of my friends and family, and the inspiration I have, I am continuing studying the arts (which I consider a great luxury of my mid life and a necessity for any artist).

– What’s your current status? Freelance? Company? Or is art a hobby?

Currently I am self-employed and sell my art through mostly on-line stores and art fairs.

– Who are your influences? Who have you been inspired by?

I’ve been inspired by old masters as well as contemporary artists. Just to name a few: Winslow Homer , Feodor Tolstoy , Beatrix Potter , John Stuart Ingle , Paul Jackson , Jan Kunz , Jacqueline Gnott , and many many more. I meet incredible contemporary artists through my blog. They are all amazing people and wonderful professionals.

– Is there a particular subject matter you prefer?

I love painting flowers lit by a sun, still life with old antiques or any other secular objects; however I am exploring a lot of portraiture and landscapes that are also becoming my favorite subjects matter lately.

– What are your working methods? Any particular techniques/methods you prefer?

I love to start my paintings wet on wet and later add dry brush technique.

– Do you work from primary or secondary source?

Long time ago when I was learning Academic Art in school I did work with primary sources only. The subjects and characteristics of my “models” that I am interested in now are changing rapidly. If I paint a flower, the sun is moving and the cast shadows are changing, the fruits in the still life might spoil, the facial expression for the future portrait can disappear in a second; therefore, I prefer using a photo reference as a source for my paintings.

– Have you ever exhibited your work?

Yes. Besides on-line galleries, I have exhibited my art work in the local areas: libraries, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

– Are you commissioned to do other things? Future directions for work?

I am mostly commissioned to paint in watercolors; however the craft business is also taking a good part of my time. Occasionally, I receive requests to make a certain type of jewelry, handmade signature cards; and, I also knit or crochet. I love the diversity; it helps me to stay sane and enjoy my life as an Artist.

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  1. That's a wonderful interview Irina; thank you for sharing it with me. If I could go back to another day, I'd study art; but time has allowed me to get my art education by “the seat of my pants”. I am consumed by all it has to offer; I grow in it more every day.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  2. Irina, thank you for sharing your interview. It is so fascinating to learn how others have found their way into the art world.

    And thank you again for the Beatrix Potter comparison; I really have always felt that animals have thoughts and feelings like “us”.

  3. Hi, Irina,
    Wonderful interveiw and very thoughtful, but candid answers that have packed your life and career from the past, the present and to the future.
    Go,go, Irina!!!
    Best wishes,Sadami

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