70 Years Together

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This Thanksgiving we are going to Maryland and Virginia to visit our Grandpa and Grandma and other relatives. The relatives are throwing a surprise party for Grandparents to celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary ( !!!) And this is a still surprise and Grandparents will not know about the party even after I place this post as they don’t have computer :)…
I have decided to paint the happy couple as a gift card (using only Burnt Sienna, Raw Amber, and Sepia). The first idea was to paint the picture and then to paint the heart made of flowers around the couple. But now I am kind of hesitating. I probably will make a mat in a shape of the heart and paint flowers on the mat. And all relatives can sign the mat with their best wishes to Grandpa and Grandma.
The painting is 11″x14″ , Cold Press 300 lb Arches Watercolor Paper

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14 thoughts on “70 Years Together

  1. Such a terrific gift Irina! What an inspiration to all of us, 70 years is amazing! I think the flowers on the mat is a great idea because your painting is beautiful as it is. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing:)

  2. Dear Irina,
    Lovely, lovely work!!! Especially, colors are touching and I feel a couple's history. Please have a wonderful time with your Grand parents. Your other blogs and websites look wonderful, too. I sincerely hope everything goes well with you.
    Love and smile, Sadami

  3. A beautiful and heartwarming painting Irina. I'm sure that they will be deeply blessed by your commencement of a very special photograph.

    In many ways I think that we do our *best* as artist when we do something special for someone else without thought of reward.

    Thank you for this post!!

  4. What a wonderful gift Irina! And a huge congratulations to your grandparents. 70 years is quite the milestone! I love the sepia look to your painting and I really like your idea of matting it in a heart shaped mat and letting everyone sign it.

  5. Oh my gosh Irina! You did an amazing job on this painting of your grandparents!! Using sepia was the only perfect thing to do…Congratulations to your grandparents !! You did a great job.

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