Pink Lilies

Impressionism in Watercolor, lilies, Painting, pink and brown artwork, pink lilies painting, pink lily

I keep exploring the character of Strathmore watercolor paper and I keep confirming to myself that this paper is really not that bad for fast sketches. In the painting with the glass I was focusing on glass itself. The lights were electrical and glass had lots of foreign reflections. The single lily was done as a study of the flower itself. These lilies are growing in our garden; and they are very high maintenance (compare to large white calla lilies). As an example they bloom only when they want and they skipped last blooming season completely. However, when I cut them for the still life, they appeared fresh and good looking for almost a week. What a paradox!

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4 thoughts on “Pink Lilies

  1. Dear Irina,
    Ah…, your work is beautiful, so sensitive and a very soft mood I love. Regarding transparent glass, I often wonder about a choice of colors. Please keep informing us about paper.
    …and I'm convinced flowers have their temper and mood! Respect!

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