Transparent Butterfly

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realism in watercolor

Transparent Butterfly Painting

My friend sent me the picture by e-mail yesterday and I could not believe that there are creatures like Transparent Butterflies somewhere in the World. Oh, how little I knew.
And of course my first intention was … guess…yes to paint this beauty! How many times I used to tell myself: “Ah, it is so beautiful, I need to paint it!” the next thought is usually going like that: “I’ll definitely paint it.. Someday ..” and the afterthought is always something like that: “ Aha.. as soon I have the time” .
So this time I found THE time; I just came home, got to my studio and started painting. One hour and half later the baby was born. I placed this butterfly and the Twenty Minute One ( in 8×10” mats and gave it to my friend today. Turned out not for free: she insisted to pay for my lunch 🙂

Size 8″x10″ Strathmore watercolor paper 140 lb Cold Press

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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