Saint Petersburg, Russia

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This old piece was born after I’ve received an assignment to combine landscape/cityscape and still life.
The church on the back is the first church in Saint Petersburg (my home town in Russia) and I made the window view on this church from my imaginary home. In reality this church is on island and you cannot see it so close as I painted it.
The guy on the window is Peter The Great, the founder of the city from 1703. This guy was the first Russian Emperor; however, having such a great big huge title he was very interested in woodworking, ship building, traveling, and research. I decided to place his favorite things next to him: the compass, map and the telescope.
What was hard for me to paint it is the face of Peter The Great. First the stature is made in bronze; the lights were from pretty much everywhere. His hair dress looked like woman’s however the look was very serious and masculine. I was focusing so hard on his personality that I could not start painting his face for a while. I had to actually turn painting upside down in order to abstract from the face and place lights and shadows correctly.
Size: 15″ x19 “, 300 lb Cold Press Arches Watercolor Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

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  1. Wow, nicely done! I like the different aspects of the composisition and how they work together.


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