White On White

floral, Flowers, realism, Still Life, Watercolor, white on white


Prints of this painting are available HERE
This painting is very precious to me.
My sister, who lives in Russia and who is the best photographer I’ve ever seen in my life (http://www.batkova.spb.ru/gkrbIshi.htm and ttp://www.batkova.spb.ru/gorod1.htm ), made the picture basically out of nothing. She took white vase, white flower, simple glass, and simple pitcher; she placed it all against old white wall and viola the still life “White on White” was born.
When I saw the picture, I begged her to give it to me. I wanted to paint it so bad. Later on, when I finished the painting, I gave it as a gift to my best friend who lives in Russia. She really wanted to have it in her house. When painting was done my mom (who visited us those days) had to bring this piece from America to Russia on a plane.
That’s how a little piece of mind can travel through times, webs, above the oceans and transform from a small thought to a huge desire.


In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul


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